2019 Honorees

Mohamed-Shukri Hassan

2019 Good Neighbor

Renata Soto

2019 Community Catalyst

Karl Dean

2019 Bridge Builder


ABOUT our honoree categories

As Nashville continues to grow, immigrants and refugees often stand out as powerful advocates for change. Often drawing from their own experience, these Community Catalysts advocate for a better Nashville for all, inspiring both their fellow immigrants and longtime Nashvillians to come together, dream big, and be positive forces for good in our community and our city.

Whether it’s through civic leadership, entrepreneurial endeavors, or even small acts of kindness, Amplify Nashville is proud to honor immigrants who are committed to improving the quality of life in their community. These Good Neighbors make a lasting impact in Nashville by going the extra mile for their others and giving back to their adopted home.

Along with our exceptional immigrant honorees, Amplify Nashville also celebrates one U.S.-born individual each year who has helped our city take great strides in support of immigrants and refugees. These Bridge Builders often stands in the gap, empowering immigrants and native Nashvillians to work alongside one another to build a better Nashville for all who call our city home.